Pascal De Cubber: conference interpreter & translator

Not overly commercial, the more professional for all that

In times of crisis and economies, we understand that, for many customers, the price of a service is a decisive factor, also when selecting a translator or interpreter.

We are not the cheapest on the market, we’ll freely admit, but we offer conference interpreters and translators supplying quality work at a fair price and representing excellent value for money: if you can identify yourself in this equation, we’re the team for you.

After all, it’s worth bearing in mind that cheap (frequently bad) translations can be a false economy in the long run and end up costing vastly more than the little extra you pay for our top quality.

However, because we use translation memory, we can give a discount for repetitive passages in your written texts for translation. Translation memory also enables us to guarantee more consistent use of terminology and style.

Phone number: 09 233 59 38
Mobile number: +32 495 23 59 39

Quality above quantity

Though we live in the Ghent area, our business is situated mainly in Brussels, but also (far) beyond.

De Cubber Pascal

Bunderakker 29
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 09 233 59 38
 +32 495 23 59 39

De Cubber Pascal

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